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Eoin Motherway

atc-discussion Visiting SCO_CTR

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Eoin Motherway

For ages, I've been interested in visiting the UK's en route positions. What exactly would it take to get to visit SCO_CTR and all lower positions?

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Eoin Motherway
13 hours ago, Trevor Hannant said:

Details on how to visit on this link Eoin:



Yeah, that takes me to a place where I can only apply to control minor fields without training, like EGAA and EGJJ (Which I am already approved for). I'm looking to be able to control CTR positions.

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Trevor Hannant

Strange as it doesn't word like that...

I'd send a ticket in to ATC training

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Alex Beard
3 hours ago, Trevor Hannant said:

Strange as it doesn't word like that...

I'd send a ticket in to ATC training

Ticket would need to go to Community :)

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