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Andreas Fuchs

atc-discussion New at Shanwick - finding my way around

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Andreas Fuchs

Hi all!

I have just been released to control Shanwick and I am quite excited to join the group here.

I am now getting setup with the plugin euroNAT - unfortunately it does not seem to load any NATs at all. I have also registered with the Oceanic Tool http://new.vnas.net, but my application is still pending.

How have you setup Euroscope to work this sector? Are you using the Shanwick Sector file provided by VATUK or anything else?

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Chris Pawley

Personally, I'm mostly controlling with a spreadsheet and some iteration of the S/GAATS config from Stephan


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Andreas Fuchs

HI Chris,

thanks, actually I have used the Oceanic Tool today, after a bug was fixed by the developer. It actually worked quite nicely. I even had a couple of pilots using CPDLC with me.

I have also resorted now to using the Euroscope Extension file from last year's Cross The Pond, together with their more up to date sector file. I made some tweaks here and there.

Do you have this S/GAATS config? All the links from the linked thread are dead, unfortunately.

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Chris Pawley

I do!



Also, we're working on a new OCA sector file

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Andreas Fuchs

Hi Chris,

good to hear about this! Does S/GAATS still work for you?

In the meantime I have shared my modified sector file, in case that you are interested:


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Chris Pawley

I haven't checked it in a while - but it's just tags/symbology so there is no reason why it shouldn't



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Fraser Cooper

Hello all,

Just to reopen this post, what is the best / latest and most up-to-date setup/software for controlling Shanwick? I have a session tomorrow evening.


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Andreas Fuchs

Hi Fraser,

I am using Euroscope. For the sector and ESE files, scroll up.

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