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Samuel James

atc-training Group OBS Session Dates

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Samuel James

Hi folks,

This thread will be used to announce upcoming dates and times for the next Group OBS sessions for New Controllers.

Invitations will be emailed to you based on waiting list seniority.

Hope to meet you all soon, and once again thanks for your patience!

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Oliver Rhodes

Our next session will be on Thursday 14th March, 18:00z-20:00z.

Those eligible will receive an email in due course!

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    • Jack Gil
      By Jack Gil
      Hello all, Ive recently passed my S1 mentoring sessions and im really eager to control its been about 4 days now and no S1 does anybody know the average wait for it ? many thanks Jack.
    • James Yuen
      By James Yuen
      Speaking as a (newly solo-endorsed) AC South controller:
      - I am not too fussed with aircraft on a SAM instead of a NOVMA, CLN instead of a FRANE, DVR instead of an ADMAG/ODVIK since they generally head in the same direction.
      - We'd like to ask those who do EGKK a lot, to please check flight plans more than just the SID. If you're unsure, please ask. A few things which I've seen over the past few weeks:
      Flights to EHAM being cleared on ADMAG Flights routing South (towards Paris/Barcelona/Spain etc.) being cleared via ADMAG then direct to the South Boundary, where it should be BOGNA (26L) and SFD (08R) Departures cleared on SFD off 26L Scratchpads left in after departure We're lucky enough in that usually, GND controllers will have a TWR/APP above them. Please ask, and they can often check the route for you. We understand mistakes can be made, and I will always point these out to the GND controllers. Take it as a learning curve, and pass the knowledge down to anyone else who makes the mistake.
    • Trevor Hannant
      By Trevor Hannant
      I don't normally go out my way to make posts like this but experiences over the past few weeks have made me feel like I need to say something...
      Firstly, let's look at the title of this ATC position - Ground Movement CONTROL.   That last word is the key word in the position title, GMC is a controller position, not an hour building position - so why do I hear and experience pilots coming onto a GMC frequency at an airport that's quiet and hear "taxi stand of choice"?   999/1000 GMC is not busy enough with other elements to warrant giving a pilot free reign to move where they like around the taxiways and aprons?   If you're covering a busy sector top-down, that is a completely different situation but a GMC position's primary task is the safe movement of traffic around their area of responsibility - so please practice it!
      Additionally, it would be advantageous to read the relevant sections of the vMATS for the airfield you're logged into.  People take the time to research and pull together this documentation so that procedures at these airfields can be mimicked to the real world procedures as far as possible so please take the benefit of their time and research to provide this service to the pilots under your control.   If a large/oversize aircraft comes to your airport - don't put it on a small/medium stand - it doesn't fit!  Check the vMATS for the procedures for these aircraft (you can see them before they land so you don't have to rush last second as they vacate...) - and if the pilot makes a suggestion, it's possibly because they know where they should/can go...
      I'm not a perfect controller, but I still have documentation open in front of me when controlling somewhere I'm not hugely familiar with to make sure I get things correct.   Please start your vATC career off in the same manner and give out a good impression of your abilities and interest to others.
    • James Morrissey
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      -Please delete-
    • Nick Marinov
      By Nick Marinov
      Hi, all (C1s+ mainly),
      CTP is fast approaching us and we are gathering a team of controllers to control the ocean. As such, we are looking for C1s that would like to join us on the 26th of October for the event. Endorsed or not, please email oceanic[at]vatsim.uk . If you are endorsed, include your availability. If you are not endorsed, we will provide training for you and make sure you are ready for CTP! 😉 
      PS: who is ready for the first CTP on AFV? (flamingo)
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