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Alex Ridge

event - overload [Feedback] Heathrow Overload 2017

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Alex Ridge

Hi guys,


Just wanted to write a big thank you to the event organisers and controllers yesterday.


The quality of control from all the London sectors and aerodrome controlelrs was really superb. Really proud to be part of this divison.


Although I had the good ol' TOGA P3d Crash as I experienced windshear on final approach which ended the flight prematurely, I had a fantastic time on the arrival (KLM10QM).


Thank you again to the excellent controllers.


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Harry Cameron

Adding on to what Alex said, thank you to all the controllers who made last night an amazing night. I have never flown in a Heathrow Overload event and I will probably never again fly IN to Heathrow during an Overload event, purely because of the massive holding times :P

Well done all.

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Nathan Innes

I did not fly out of Heathrow that night but I was observing for a couple of hours and all of you who controlled yesterday did an amazing job!

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Philip Harris

Here here! Well done to everyone who controlled and flew. Everyone did a great job on ADC, and it was great to see so many "new" Heathrow controllers taking part.

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Tom Mainkas

Hi there ,


thanks for the great fun and great work of all !!


long holding time for HVN3606 :-)




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Alex Hodgkinson

I didn't venture towards Heathrow but had full ATC from Belfast all the way to Sot'on and major kudos to Dan Parkin on South who helped me out with a procedure I don't think either of us had done for years! Top work boys and girls! :thumbsup:

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Louie Lister

Probably abit late, didn't realise there was a feedback area for the event!

Very good fun, well done to you all, it looked very stressful!

1hr 30mins late due to holds, but holding is good, get to experience all the different types of traffic!


Great job guys!

With love,



Edited by Louie Lister

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Celestyn Chmielewski

That first hold over sea is very similar lane discipline at roundabouts near to where I live! Once someone get around, he cut me up and realised his error and moved back to his lane and wave apology at me! :angry:

I can see London controllers are extremely busy with all these hold slacks!

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