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CTP East 2016 Scottish Briefing

George Wright

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Morning, all. Here is the briefing for Scottish airspace for CTP Eastbound 2016: 


We will be staffing the following sectors: 

  • Scottish, covers top down (SCO_CTR 135.520)
  • Scottish East (SCO_E_CTR 121.320)

See here for sector details.


NAT Tracks are shown HERE.

This year a large proportion of the event traffic is routing via Scotland and France instead of through the London FIR. There is just one set of EDDH arrivals to cross through other traffic between MAC and SAB (see HERE for routes). The East controller will need to sequence and descend EHAM arrivals via TOPPA but this is only a small number of aircraft. Bear in mind that EDDH and LSZH traffic may want to climb as they have recently left the ocean - this could help gain vertical separation with the crossing routes. 

London North will be split for the duration of the event but this will not affect handoffs (still to 133.700).

Transatlantic non-event traffic will be advised to use Track Y, so the majority will avoid the Scottish FIR to the south. 


VATeir are planning to open five EISN sectors:

  • PIKIL/RESNO traffic (Tracks T and U) - Shannon Control 122.970 (EISN_N)
  • DOGAL (Track W) - Shannon Control 131.150 (Callsign TBC)
  • LIFFY (high level over Dublin area) - Shannon Control 124.700 (EISN_D)
  • MALOT/LIMRI (Tracks X and Y) - Shannon Control 125.870 (Callsign TBC)
  • SOMAX (Track Z) - Shannon Control 135.600 (EISN_S)

Westbound oceanic traffic will go to the PIKIL/RESNO sector (NOTA), 122.970 EISN_N. Westbound domestic traffic will go to the LIFFY sector 124.700 EISN_D. 


Have a great day!

Edited by George Wright
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