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Oliver Hayes

atc-discussion Joint Opperation BICC/EGGX

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Oliver Hayes

Hi everyone.

This was posted in the forums of VATSIM Scandinavia the other day by Mr Halldor Bui Jonsson who is a real world Iceland Radio (BICC_FSS) controller. What could be done about this. Could some sort of arrangement be found between Shanwick or Reykjavik?


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Martin Bergin

The communications may be shared but the controlling is still done by the UK controllers.  The radio operators simply relay the information between the controller/pilots and vice versa.

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Halldor Bui Jonsson

Just to clarify on what Hayes and Bergen stated ( and btw, I'm not a *controller*, I'm a radio operator :P. )

The communication procedure is indeed shared, there are specific procedures in place for either area but they are not wildly different.

In real life both Iceland Radio and Ballygireen ( Shanwick Radio ) have an identical system which share the same data.

For vatsim, I personally see no reason why a EGGX controller could not obtain a BICC endorsement and vice-a-versa with relatively little additional training.

That said, in reality neither BIRD nor EGGX work for one another in this fashion in real life, only the radio communication centers do.

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