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Fraser Cooper

Gatwick Endorsed

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Fraser Cooper

Old Post 🙂

Edited by Fraser Cooper

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Andy Ford

Well done Fraser, enjoy the endorsement :)

Edited by Andy Ford

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Alex Ashley

Well done - sorry I couldn't fly, I was taking advantage of my STV!

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Harry Sugden
On 28/01/2016 at 03:41, Fraser Cooper said:

Old Post 🙂

I’m not sure this should be allowed.

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    • Chris Pawley
      By Chris Pawley
      Effective 06 December 18
      TIMBA3F STAR is redesignated KONAN1G in line with ICAO standard format.
      TIMBA1K STAR is redesignated TEBRA1G in line with ICAO standard format.
      There is no change to routing.
      TIMBA1J STAR with withdrawn
      The Sector File version 2018/13 contains these changes; other documentation will be updated in a coming cycle.
    • Harry Sugden
      By Harry Sugden
      Hi all, particularly those who control Gatwick,
      I have been on London a few times in the last weeks where controllers have asked pilots if they are able to accept the new NOVMA departure which replaced both the conventional and RNAV KENET SIDs from runway 26L. Can I please ask that if they are unable (due to an out of date AIRAC), that you do not then route aircraft via SAM SIDs instead, as having filed a KENET, this take them in a completely different direction? If they only have the old KENET for 26L, KENET is fine.
      08R is of course a different story, since KENET conventional SIDs still exist, but not the RNAV (#KENET1Z). So if someone has the IMVUR1Z departure, this has preference over both the old KENET and SAM SIDs. If they do not have the IMVUR departure, please clear on either KENET or SAM.
      May I also suggest that if the SID is no longer published on charts, it might be pertinent to remind the pilot of the initial climb restriction for the old SID? (It will be the same as the new one)
      In sum:
      Filed Routing
      Active Runway
      New Routing
      Not updated AIRAC? Then clear on…
      #KENET2M* / #KENET1X
      NOVMA L620 SAM
      IMVUR N63 SAM
      * old SIDs will be prefixed with a # in EuroScope
    • Gary Thomas
      By Gary Thomas
      Hi all.
      There will be a EGKK_APP mentoring session tonight. The student needs to be put through his paces so any traffic, big or small would be appreciated inbound to Gatwick between 1900 - 2030.
      Some VFR would also be greatly appreciated. (Circuit, joiners/leavers, transits)
      EGKK_TWR would also be greatly received.
      Hope to see you tonight.
    • Chris Pawley
      By Chris Pawley
      Effective 09/11/17
      As part of the SAIP - the following STAR changes are made for aircraft arriving at London/Gatwick from the South-West.

      New stack swap STARs AMDUT1G & ARNUN1G

      New stack swap STAR TELTU1G

      ASTRA1J/WILLO3J are withdrawn from use.
      The UK Sector File has been updated to contain these changes ; the crib sheet, vMATS part 2 and other documentation will be updated in a forthcoming AIRAC cycle.
    • Chris Pawley
      By Chris Pawley
      Effective 30/03/2017
      Gatwick SIDs will be altered as follows:
      Runway 08R - BIG2Z, CLN2Z and ODVIK2Z replace BIG1Z, CLN1Z and ODVIK1Z respectively. The RNAV fix KKE02 is replaced with a new fix KKE04 which increases the straight-ahead climb portion of the SID by 1.2nm. The 1704 Sector File and Controller Pack will contain these changes and I'm currently coordinating documentation changes to reflect the above.