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Michal Fira

atc-discussion Cross the Pond Westbound 2014 - Scottish expression of interests

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Michal Fira

Hello folks!


CTP is taking place on Saturday 29th March 2014 We will be rostering Scottish from around 1100z until at least 1600z to cover Oslo departures. 


We are planning to open 2 AC positions and if we have enough controllers - TMA to support AC controllers.


Please leave a post below to let me know if and when you are available to control.


The roster will be posted closer to the event.




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Stuart Duncan



Please see my reply in the London availability thread:






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Kris Thomson

Hi Michal,


Available throughout.



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Johan Grauers

As stated in the London and Manchester threads, I'm available for anything needed.

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Phillip Speer

As per my post in London am available until 1430Z before giving time to oceanic.



Edited by Phillip Speer

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Michal Fira

Thanks guys!


We are closing really fast to the CTP, are there any other controllers interested in manning EGPX?



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Michal Fira



This roster is not a final roster yet and some changes may be taking place til the midnight.

Edited by Michal Fira

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      Dear all,
      There is a P1 exam this Sunday evening 10th Feb; the candidate would appreciate some ATC to help make the exam a success.
      Please can we ask for ATC cover from EGCC, LONDON & EGKK; beginning from 18:30Z (EGCC).
      Many thanks,
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