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  • Flight Training Exercises

    Daniel Crookes
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    Flight Training Exercises

    VATSIM UK is proud to announce the launch of Flight Training Exercises!

    So, what is it?

    Flight Training Exercises is a new system that will allow you to track your flight whilst completing your chosen exercise. We are initially launching with 5 VFR challenges that will take you from the busy airspace around London Biggin Hill Aiport (EGKB) to the South-West coast of the UK. Whilst you fly through the skies, in the background, TFDi's 'smartCARS' application will track you track your flight monitoring aspects such as your current position, altitude, airspeed and much more!

    So, what is the point of it all?

    The aim of Flight Training Exercises is to provide a platform where people are encouraged to visit new places and fly different aircraft whilst completing different challenges.

    Want to know more, perfect! Click here!

    Is that it? Absolutely not!

    Now that we have our system in place, there is enormous scope for further development. Initially, we will continue to create and release VFR Challenges which will follow on from the current exercises. We plan to take this further by creating seasonal exercises, exercises based around events and eventually look to setup IFR exercises too. Did someone mention an Easter egg hunt?

    So, Who's behind it all?

    The Pilot Training Department has been working closely with the Web Team over the past ~18 months to produce this incredible system, and what a job it has been! I would like to express my thanks to @Calum Towers and @Neil Farrington for their incredible work over the development period, without them, this system would not have been possible. I'm also not forgetting @Anthony Lawrence who began the discussions with TFDi and laid the foundation work for the development.

    The initial development of FTE's required many hours of understanding how TFDi's smartCARS application could be used for tracking the flights. TFDi have shown a great interest throughout the development of FTE's and offered their full support. The Pilot Training and Web Team would like to extend our thanks for their continued support throughout this whole process, including the donation of the smartCars application to VATSIM UK.

    Had many notifications on your phone? That's their job! The Marketing Team have played a crucial role in getting this project seen within the community using just about anything they could get their hands on. A special thanks to @Alex Ashley for his work nearing the release of the system.

    Our final thanks goes to anyone involved in the testing of FTEs prior to its launch. There are too many names to list here, but your flights helped us refine the criteria to ensure it struck the right balance between challenging and fun.

    Keep your eyes peeled out on our social media for further developments!

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    User Feedback

    Calum Towers


    4 hours ago, Chris Doyle said:

    When flying an exercise and you do not pass is there any way to know why you failed? 

    Hi Chris

    We are about to release an update that will show you where and why you failed. Watch this space. 

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