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Procedure Consultation

All members are able to consult on changes to procedures posted in this forum. Responses will be reviewed and approved before they are visible so as to ensure that every single post is read and considered by Operations staff. Additionally, this approval process will ensure discussions remain on topic. Consultation periods will be stated in the initial post, and each post will serve one of the following purposes:

  • To propose, discuss and review changes to existing procedures (e.g. sectorisations, bandboxing).
  • To discuss the development of new, previously undocumented, procedures - perhaps most pertinent in cases where VATSIM UK’s knowledge of real-world procedures has previously hindered development.
  • To propose, discuss and review how AIRAC changes will affect our procedures (e.g. standing agreements, new SIDs).

If you’d like to propose a change to any procedure, please use the Helpdesk’s ‘Operations / Documents & Procedures’ Help Topic. You could also use the Feedback & Proposals forum to gauge interest from other members.

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