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UK Controller Plugin 2.2.0


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UK Controller Plugin.

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What's New in Version 2.2.0   See changelog


- Adds the ability to query the UK Standard Route Document for flightplans, this can also be filtered by requested flight level.
- Opening the SRD search dialog is available as both a menu option and a TAG function.
- Fixes onward directions for intention codes around RINTI and INBOB
- Adds low-level (FL290-) intention codes for Paris traffic via VEULE (X1 - X6)
- Fixes a bug where the Scottish intention codes would not be shown for military positions.
- Loosens restrictions on controller callsigns so that military positions such as Blackdog and Hotspur can be accommodated.
- When determining if a position is active, the facility type is now taken into account to differentiate between positions which share the same frequency (e.g. combined APP and TWR)
- The plugin will now only download dependency data if not downloaded or an update is available, as opposed to on every plugin load

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