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Southampton (EGHI) vMATS Part 2 2023/07

VATSIM UK Operations

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Southampton (EGHI) vMATS Part 2

What's New in Version 2023/07   See changelog


  • Correction of MSL table and addition of explanatory note (GEN 1.1.5);
  • Updated VRP diagram (minor naming changes) and removal of VRP table (GEN 1.2.1);
  • Corrected noise abatement procedures for both runways (GEN 1.3.1);
  • Updated standard IFR departure routes (ADC, APC 4.3.1, APC 4.3.2);
  • Updated hold axes (APC 4.3.7);
  • Farnborough outbounds may now be climbed above 6000 ft once within Farnborough CTA-6 (previously CTA-8) (APC;
  • References to 'airways' amended to 'ATS route network' throughout;
  • Minor amendments and formatting corrections throughout.

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