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  2. Joe Burberry

    EGKK_TWR | Sunday 13th January | 1900z

    Well done! now it's time to enjoy all the hard work you've put into your S2!
  3. Nick Marinov

    event - city pair [26th January 2019, 1500 - 1800z] VATSIM First Wings

    Expression of availability can be found here 🙂 :
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  5. Here it comes!⚠️ The Winter Celebration Event! In this event, your winter will be hot winter🔥 Come and fly with multy VA from Ovda and Ben Gurion with full ATC! 📆 19th january 2019 🚩 LLOV, Ovda intl airport, LLBG, Ben gurion intl. Airport 🕛 12:00-18:00z ℹhttp://vatil.org.il/forum/topic/44967-winter-celebration-19119/ Hope to see you, Enjoy!
  6. Fraser Cooper

    event - overload [18th January, 1930-2200z] Newcastle Overload

    @Simon Irvine Yes!
  7. Andy Ford

    ATC Exams: Guidance for Pilots

    Added clause regarding silly aircraft types that aren't beneficial to an exam.
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