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Changes to CTS

Andy Ford


Evening All,

Recently, we deployed a number of updates to the CT System, as some of you may have already noticed by the large banner on your homepage.

Over time, we're hoping to use the System Updates feature in the CTS to inform you of any important changes that may affect your use of the system. On this occasion, due to the number of changes and also because of the previous lack of use of the system updates, we are also using this forum post to let you all know the important bits that have changed.

  • "Email Member" has now been disabled in the CTS. If you wish to send an email to a member, you should do it through the Core system here: https://core.vatsim.uk/mship/email.
  • Session reminders for students, mentors and examiners have been re-implemented. You may now ask for a reminder up to one hour before your scheduled session. Reminders left over from the old system will be sent out at 00:00z on the day of your session.
  • The email settings page is now available to all members, regardless of Training Group membership.
  • When a session is cancelled through the bookings calendar, members are no longer required to provide a reason.
  • Members of TG New Controller will no longer receive emails to re-affirm their interest in training if they have attended, or are down to attend a group session.

As always, if anything has been missed or you've got any questions, please submit a ticket to Web Support on the Helpdesk.



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