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Global Control Adminstration Policy (GCAP) feedback

Chris Pawley



The UK Division has provided a lengthy feedback document privately to the authors of the new global controller administration policy (GCAP). We are broadly supportive of a new policy which unifies some of the key policies which determine how many elements of our division operate. With this in mind there are some concerns which remain in the current draft. We believe it is especially important to ensure that all divisions are treated equally; regardless of their (internal) structure. In addition, we see opportunities for improved clarity in defining major and restricted airspace and we see the need to clearly explain such an extensive change of policy to all members in a concise and simple manner to avoid conflict in interpretation.

Other members are welcome to leave their feedback here: https://forums.vatsim.net/forum/374-global-air-traffic-control-administration-policy-gcap-public-review/

We look forward to a further revision of this policy that addresses the concerns of divisions while futhering the opportunities of members across the globe.


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