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P1 PPL(A) Launch

Daniel Crookes


P1 PPL(A) Goes Live!!!

The Training Department has been working hard over the past few months to develop our P1 PPL(A) course which aligns with the new VATSIM network-wide ratings. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the collective tens if not hundreds of hours to produce content, video lessons, Moodle questions, and lesson planning; your work has helped immensely in making these courses possible. A massive thank you to:

@Lewis Hammett
@John Franklin
@Imogen Thompson
@Freddie Charlesworth
@Darren Hill
@Matthew Wilson
@Louie Hatch
@Tom Szczypinski

Sorry if I’ve forgotten you (please feel free to shout at me).

As of 18 September 2020, the VATSIM UK ATO will commence training for our P1 PPL(A) course 🎊

Here is a little more information on the course.

P1 - PPL(A) Course ✈️
Our implementation of the P1 rating covers all of VATSIM’s requirements while keeping the content compliant with an EASA PPL. The course is designed to cater to a multitude of students, from people new to VFR flying to highly experienced simulator pilots and those with real-world experience. As a prerequisite for the P1 course, all applicants must hold a P0 rating.

The entire P1 course will now be taught from Goodwood Chichester airport (EGHR) in the South of England. This allows for students transitioning from initial handling exercises into the circuit and navigation exercises to become very familiar with Goodwood, the local procedures, and complex surrounding airspace. For consistency from the P1 to the P2 course, both courses are now limited to the C172S, C152 and the P28A..

The syllabus begins by introducing students to principles of flight and general handling in one of the two Training Zones South of Goodwood. Students will then return to Goodwood to practise local procedures and takeoffs and landings. Once a student has gone solo, they will be introduced to VFR navigation techniques and lastly be forwarded for a Practise License Skills test. Throughout the course, learning will be aided by a full Moodle course and self-study lessons with quality video tutorials.

For new VFR pilots, the course will:

  • Introduce you to the basics of hand flying,
  • Introduce the restrictions and classifications of UK airspace,
  • Teach you VFR navigation planning and practical skills (dead reckoning, beacon tracking, diversions, etc.).

For real-world pilots, the course will:

  • Consolidate your PPL theoretical knowledge,
  • Ease the transition to simulator flying,
  • Allow for progression to higher ratings that can expand on existing knowledge.

To compliment the new rating, Goodwood’s local documentation has been rewritten from scratch to include clearer circuit diagrams, details of local procedures, and aerodrome information. In addition, three PTD liveries (G-PTDA, G-PTDB, G-PTDC) have been created for the XP11 default C172 and the A2A C172. Plans are to repaint other aircraft within the PTD fleet.

Drop us a ticket here expressing your interest in joining the waiting list, and sign up for the Moodle course here - you can complete the Theory Phase whilst you wait for a training place to keep your knowledge fresh and start learning sooner!

Once again, I am immensely proud of what the VATSIM UK community have been able to achieve with this course, a true example of what a team can achieve. I'd like to make a special (second) thank you to @Darren Hill who has without a doubt been thrown in at the deep end in his role as VFR Flight Instructor, and has been an asset and key player in getting the course where it is today.

I hope all of you who will be joining us on the course learn lots and most importantly have fun!



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Imogen Thompson


I think I speak for the whole team when I say we really hope you enjoy learning on the course as much as we enjoyed designing it for you!

EOIs have been really high which is brilliant to see! I look forward to being one of the team sitting in the right seat conducting your mentoring sessions and your skills tests 🙂

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Stephen Simpson


Morning.  Completed the theory exams this morning however I dont have access to the videos.  Any ideas.


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Daniel Crookes


On 19/09/2020 at 09:50, Stephen Simpson said:

Morning.  Completed the theory exams this morning however I dont have access to the videos.  Any ideas.


Hey Stephen - this has been resolved 😄 

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