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TG Enroute

Daniel Crookes


Evening all,

A small public service announcement! @Phillip Speer will be stepping aside from his role as TGI TG Enroute; he has built up enough of a pension (so he tells me...) to warrant just one staff position so will be remaining as a DI.

With that being said, I have officially granted our in-house Norwegian a VATSIM pension, therefore, he will be taking on the role of TGI TG Enroute, @Sebastian Rekdal in case you know any more Norwegians!

Sebastian will be carrying on the excellent work Phillip has achieved over his many years as TGI TG Enroute, and I have absolutely no doubt that the pace and quality of our C1 training will continue to be among the highest on the network.


Dan ✈️


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As I said in the email, thanks for all your work, Phillip! 

Seb, get those diagrams going ?

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Oliver Gates

Posted (edited)

Thanks for your work, Phillip, and well done, Seb.

Edited by Oliver Gates
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Massive thanks Phillip for everything you have done in the past decade or so ?

Good luck my fellow Norwegiannn!

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Trevor Hannant


Thanks for all the work you've done with ENR Philip.

And good luck Seb!

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Can I echo the same, many thanks for all the hours and hard work you've put in Phillip, enjoy "retirement" :D


Best of luck Sebastian!

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Thank you for your strong and stable leadership Phillip (and that's not sarcasm!). I'm sure it's not an understatement to suggest that with you at the helm, we've continued to produce some of the best area controllers on VATSIM ?

Congrats Seb - trust you'll do a sterling job at keeping us all on our toes ?

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