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Loui Ringer



Good afternoon,

In the marketing update, I said that people interested in making some banners could help out. I had 16 people express interest, so I made a "Graphics Team". Since March, the Graphics team have been sharing knowledge and expertise in areas of Photoshop and Marketing. We are lucky to have people who are studying this in education or work in marketing. They have been making event banners, graphics for announcements, badges for forum awards, posters for pilots and advertisements of what's happening around VUK (European events etc.). All departments within the division have access to request work.

@Ben Wright has put together a system for work to be requested and organised a drive to put the finished files.

There's a slack channel which is helpful because the members of the team provide feedback to each other about their work.

It has been great to watch everyone work together, there are some very passionate people who help out.

Forum awards were also made for those contributing to the division's graphics work. 

Designer 1: Awarded for completing 5 graphics requests.

Designer 2: Awarded for completing 15 graphics requests.

Designer 3: Awarded for completing 25 graphics requests.



Just a quick update!

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Loui Ringer


Good afternoon all,

Some more spaces have opened up on the Graphics team, if you are interested in helping us with our banners, as well as many other photoshop related tasks for the division, then drop me a PM. 

Thank you 


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