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Marketing Update - January 2018

Layth Al-Wakil



Marketing Update.png

Evening all,

Let me start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year and I wish you all a great 2018. I just wanted to put a quick post together to go over the past year and also make public the great ideas we are working on here behind the scenes.

The past year has been one in which the Marketing Department has grown from strength to the strength. At the start of the year it was a ‘one man band’ with James Brierley running the show as the Marketing Manager. Myself and Loui Ringer were then brought on as Social Media Assistants in a trial which proved very successful. The latter part of the year saw the Department really start to take shape with Trevor Hannant joining the team as Events Manager and more recently Alex Ashley joining the team as Social Media Manager following the departure of Loui, who I'd like to thank for his hard work over the past few months.

Now onto the coming year:


Some of you will have noticed that events are now appearing in the CTS Booking system earlier than they have before.  For those looking to ensure that they're free to take part in an event that they'd be interested in, we’re now endeavoring to put Events in the CTS system up to 3 months ahead.  While dates/times may vary as a particular Event gets closer (due to unforeseen circumstances), they shouldn't vary by much but by adding them that far ahead, it will give an idea of what is to come.

While we’re not giving up on the standard locations (Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester etc.), we will be looking to "spread the love" around the UK more over the course of the year and bring Events to airfields that have either not had an event previously or not for some time.  To that end, we have Events coming up at various locations around the country including Newcastle, London City and Leeds Bradford!

By bringing Events to other airfields, it gives controllers in particular the opportunity to leave what, for some, maybe a "comfort zone" and learn a new airfield and different procedures as well as giving pilots the chance to try their hand off their normal VA schedule!

In addition to UK based "overloads", we’re also currently working with VATSIM Germany, Scandinavia, Portugal and Morocco on upcoming Events and in the near future look forward to announcing some more regular Events in conjunction with the Pilot Training Department.


This is a relatively new focus for VATSIM UK, with one of the main tasks we’ve had being promoting the division more actively on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, we’ll be using these platforms to run competitions, promote events and highlight key events within the division such as exams, these will allow us to encourage greater member engagement and to continue to enhance the brand of VATSIM UK.

Behind the scenes, we’ve also been writing a social media policy to outline the ‘style’ that we will look to use to maintain consistency across our platforms. Furthermore, we’re working on plans to begin a live streaming branch of the division, which will allow different departments to broadcast interesting aspects of the division to the membership, such as flight training exercises or ATC Training group seminars.

Thank you to Trevor and Alex for helping write this post and from all of us we wish you a very happy 2018! 


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James Gibson

Posted (edited)

Sad to see you go, Loui - thanks for all your hard work :)

Alex - good luck in your new role!

Edited by James Gibson
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Thanks for your efforts, Loui. It's a shame that it had to end in this manner.

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Jonathan Saunders


Thought of Solent staff up? Southampton and Bournemouth are always interesting to control and fly into and out of? 

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Alex Hartshorne



we’re also currently working with VATSIM Germany, Scandinavia, Portugal and Morocco on upcoming Events

Good luck with them! :)

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